narrative textes

I can write a narrative:

My writing  piece

This was for a magical story


One day just like any other day, a girl named Lucy was reading a book to her dad. The book was called The Wizard Of Oz. That was Lucy and her dads favourite book.Lucy wore a red dress every day.her dad wore a long black top that went down to his knees and a per of big baggy blue pants.

As she was reading ploto popped out of the book. both dad and her both got a huge shock. they wonder how it was possible,dad said ‘I think  I know why this is possible .”  “how?”  Lucy replied in  suprize.  “our family have had a special power that what ever story we read out loud the story would come to life.” “I see, I see?”thort Lucy.”Now there is only one way to reverse the curse and that is if the dog so called ploto bonds with you with you” said dad . ” that sawneds easy” said Lucy.

She got the dog to kiss her and ploto went back into the book. Lucy missed ploto a lot.


Next big write

this was for Easter

dream of ………

one day there was a bunny rabbit. The bunny name was E.B. He was a bunny with a dream.

His dream was to one day become a famuse drummer. But what is sting him? That is his dad because his dad wonted him to be the Easter bunny. But E.B said “NO!”

E.B was a relay good drummer so he went to see the Goff of Easter and he got told that he is going to be a super star.

at the end he already was a superstar at his one world ……..!,,the ends.



Now for a not her big write

this was a free writing thing

the mixed up story once there was a island called the spooky island. All the people on spooky island came back as scared as a mouse.

the next day me and the gang disided to go to the island. We were very scared. When we got there we were scared just looking at them. The people were litrely shivering in fright And had red eyes. Then we looked closer and closer to them and suddenly got the doses!!!!!!! OH NO how are we going to get out of this one. But I spoke to soon because out of no were Batman and Cat Girl unpaired and saved the day.



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