Performing arts

Semester 1 reflection

mine- I learnt that you can not talk and use body expretion.

made a game inclusive game- I made a game that everyone can Join in. It was fun to play.

for my project we will be researching about italy

this is traditional

judging table

hayley and olivia

good- interesting and good propose.

bad- looks a little bit confused.

tyla and zion

good- interesting and entertainable.

bad- didn’t use all purpose.

nasica and estel

good- good movement and good timing.

bad- a bit to short.

Semester 2 reflection

What i have learned –

About italy

1. Italy is famous us for there dancing.

2. Italy and Rome have lots of famous land marks such as, coliseum, the leaning tower of pisa.

OLSC got talent

3. It doesn’t matter if you Win or lose it is about having fun.

4. When you are on the stage don’t get scared.

5. Your allwas a winer if you have fun.

What I have I good most-

1. I had fun dressing up as a clown.

2. I enjoyed mining.

3.I had fun making a dance for olsc got talent.

4. I enjoyed listening and watching Italian dancing and music.

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